Road Trip, 2018

16 Countries, 13,000 km, 2 Month - no Hotel, no Restaurant, no fancy bullshit. This has been an amazing Adventure of me and my BMW R1200 GSA. Everything what was needed was strapped onto my Bike and my Camera around my neck at all times! Starting in London after my 15 years of Assisting in NY and London, i have decided to take a break. Crossing through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark over to Sweden - until i arrived in one of the most incredible countries i have ever visited. Norway! Going for weeks along the coast, passing through endless fjords and taking countless ferry crossings. To capture the beauty of this country is impossible. Norway up, until no further. The Nordkap 71.1695° N, 25.7832° E. I had no choice but turning around. The way back took me through Finnland, Sweden where from Stockholm i took a ferry to Tallin, Estonia. Baltic states next. Carried on through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria into Germany where i enden my trip in Berlin, where i have been living since. A move with a “little” detour.